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Document Organisation, Referral and Information Service

  • What DORIS is

    • Web based information system for general practices
    • Developed by two practice managers in Kent
    • Managed by an independent company
      – Doris Resources.
  • What DORIS does

    • Provides address book
    • Holds referral forms
    • Stores vital documents
    • Gives access to locally produced leaflets
    • Provides statistics
  • How DORIS helps General Practices

    • Saves time
    • Increases accuracy
    • Improves responsiveness to patients
    • Provides an organised approach to data management
  • How DORIS helps Clinical Commissioning Groups

    • Commonality & Consistency
    • Reduced referral costs
    • Economies of scale
  • Our Commitment

    • Work with you
    • Meet your needs
    • Local input decided by you
    • Product development
    • Manageable growth

Document Organisation, Referral and Information Service

In a time of great pressure and change in the NHS, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are beginning to understand the problems they face in managing information. They cannot expect practices to manage their referrals effectively and improve patient services if they don’t have easy access not only to clinical pathways and integrated referral forms but also to details of local community services and healthcare professionals with whom they need to deal on a daily basis.

DORIS is a program developed from the bottom up by people who work within primary care and use the  system themselves; they therefore have a sound understanding of primary care information needs.

DORIS Resources recognises the importance of having sound data management and maintenance processes.  The West Kent CCG DORIS database holds over 1500 contacts in the address book, over 100 referral forms and around 800 pathways and guidance documents as well as a host of practice administrative documents and links to relevant websites.   The data maintenance is not straightforward which is why at DORIS Resources we believe that it has to be managed locally.  With nearly ten years’ experience behind us, the DORIS Team can offer support, processes and tools to assist in data maintenance, making our solution probably the most comprehensive and robust option in the market.

Primary Features

  • Address Book

    A locally-compiled address book of useful contacts. These will include hospitals, community clinics, hospices, consultants, practices with specialisations (eg in minor surgery), mental health services and other relevant contacts such as district nurses, health visitors, physiotherapists, local authority social services, voluntary organisations and many others.

  • Form Store

    A store of forms used for referrals and other purposes. Increasingly institutions such as community services and hospitals will only accept referrals on their official forms. The forms may be filled in online and many practices will be able to benefit from the integration of patient data with forms which will enable the automatic completion of referrer and patient details

  • Information & Guidance

    An information and guidance section for local pathways, prescribing guidance, descriptions of community and primary care services, details of low priority procedures, safeguarding etc..

  • Patient Leaflets

    Locally-developed patient information leaflets and other material can be printed off in the surgery as necessary and handed to patients.

  • Administration

    An administration area for storing useful documents of a non-clinical nature such as enhanced services, sample employment contracts, PCT/ CCG policies, information governance guidance etc

  • Embedded Web Links

    Embedded links within resources to the most useful GP websites make it easier to find information on a given topic.

  • Forum

    An area for users to discuss topical local subjects