How did DORIS come into existence?

DORIS came about after GPs and practice managers at a Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells meeting were discussing the problem of being inundated with information from so many different sources and the difficulties of keeping track of it all. Shirley Bellingham and Kate Harlow, practice managers at Kingswood Surgery and Lonsdale Medical Centre in Tunbridge Wells decided to develop a resource to help solve the problem.

In 2008 Shirley and Kate commissioned software developers Wiggly-Amps Limited to write a bespoke program which was then populated with information relevant to practices in the South West Kent area. The system is designed to be easily transferable from one CCG area to another.

Shirley and Kate formed a company, DORIS Resources LLP, in order to offer the resource to South West Kent and other areas. Between them they brought 27 years of practice management experience to the project and a thorough understanding of information needs within primary care. Syd Maddicott joined the partnership in 2013 having acted as business adviser since 2010. As a former British High Commissioner in the Foreign and commonwealth Office he brings strong strategic and negotiating skills to the business as well as sales and marketing management experience gained in his previous career at Xerox.

As the West Kent CCG was formed in 2014 DORIS Resources expanded its coverage to provide information to over 60 practices, serving nearly half a million people, in the CCG area.

Shirley Bellingham stood down a partner in 2017 but is still connected with the business as an adviser/data consultant.

Emma Baker joined the partnership in 2014 as Data Maintenance Manager and is helped in the task by
Martin Etherington.