DORIS’s search facility enables fast retrieval of local informaion. Practices can use the integrated forms facility so that forms can be completed online with autopopulated fields and then attached directly to patient notes.


DORIS is accurate because the information it contains is compiled locally, updated regularly and checked for accuracy. All users within the area have an incentive to collaborate in ensuring that data is up-to-date and accurate.


DORIS enables GPs and others to deal with patients and make referrals in the most efficient way possible as treatment criteria and pathways are instantly available using the site’s search facility. Where integration of patient data into referral forms is available, this further enhances efficiency in making referrals. The old handwritten and typed lists, often amended beyond legibility, can be consigned to the bin. Leaflets need no longer be stored (or wasted when they get out of date) – they can be printed off as required. Local community health professionals and hospital consultants can be located easily.


Some information held on DORIS is predefined as essential (eg lists of consultants and local hospitals, community nursing services, clinical pathways and referral criteria) but the data stored is intended to be comprehensive, to enable not just GPs but all practice staff to find the information they need to run a practice efficiently, contributing to good patient care and helping to meet the the demands of regulation and good practice. This will typically include prescribing guidelines, safeguarding information, patient transport options, information governance guidelines, local enhanced services and incentive schemes as well as contact details for key people in the CCG, support agency departments, pharmacists, opticians, care homes and funeral directors.


CCGs can have a lot of flexibility in deciding how they want the information on the database organised.

Patient Focus

DORIS should enable practices to be increasingly focussed on the patient. Doctors can consult guidance and find details of local community services, including voluntary organisations, in real time by searching on keywords.