We’ve been given constant praise by staff on all levels of the industry.
Read a few of them here.

General Practitioners

  • One of the most significant initiatives for Primary Care

    Just a quick note to offer my full support for preserving and further developing Doris.

    Quite simply Doris is the vehicle we’ve always required to keep abreast of all the changes in our area – she provides a central focal point for us as GP surgeries to access all the ever-evolving local medical information (including, very usefully, all the multitude of referral forms).

    I rate it as one of the most significant initiatives for Primary Care & would be personally devastated to see her fall by the wayside due to lack of adequate investment/funding.

  • Extremely useful mine of information

    I understand the the funding for DORIS is coming up for review in the near future.

    I would like to express my support for continuing this extremely useful mine of information which is used several times a day by clinical and non clinical staff in my practice.

    The information is used for both clinical and administrative purposes and is a valued source that should be continued.

    Patients have benefitted from the information sheets and money has been saved by avoiding referals to physio therapy and inappropriate investigations by studying the information and guidelines available.

  • I have found DORIS invaluable

    It ensures I have up to date information on services available and do not waste time on using old versions of proformas.

    The search facility is particularly intuitive. For example when seeking information on weight loss services just putting `weight` in the search boxgives me all the information I need with several documents found with regard to local services.

    Local GP trainers are keen to have training documents on DORIS, to save each practice having to `reinvent the wheel` with regard to procedures and

    information that are common to GP training practices, so we can share best practice.

    I would be extremely keen to see DORIS continued and developed.

  • Outstanding. PLEASE adopt this tool trust wide

    This is an outstanding resource.

    I wish it could be adopted by the new Pembury Hospital because Hospital Doctors could use it effectively too.

    It has revolutionised our ability to multi task.

    Every year the work of a GP becomes more complex.

    The possible referals increase as more selfhelp groups, more tests, more complex management plans for chronic diseases become available.

    DORIS is one tool which has made life more efficient.

    PLEASE adopt this tool trust wide

  • Thanks to DORIS I work more effective and time efficient.

    This week I have used Doris in the following way:

    • I accessed to phone numbers and emails of several consultants and secretaries and I think having the confidence I can find their contact details quickly will often increase threshhold for referral as I feel I have easy access to ask questions
    • I have access to the most up to date referral forms, this week I used tactics Xray, Subfertility, Bariatric surgery, cardiology investigations, primary care counselling
    • I have looked to the pathways, most recent, uti, knee chronic fatigue and LPP criteria,
    • It helped me contacting my district nurses and acute eye service
    • It helped me with finding local charity counselling resources for my patients
    • It helps our locums work more effective and able to find primary care services


    I don’t think that myself, on a practice level we would be able to build up such an extensive database and keep it up to date.

  • Fantastic resource.

    Attaching referral forms to patients notes avoids time writing forms and scanning documents. Everyone can see that forms have been completed and less chance of documentation of referrals being missed.

    Used recently for low priority procedure guidelines, tactics forms, CXR forms, infertility referrals, x-ray/investigation forms, psychological therapy forms, Marie stopes, SAS/alcohol forms , our surgery antenatal information, + many, many more.

    Would not know what to do without Doris now!

  • A vital tool

    It would be a great loss to GP’s if Doris was to disappear.

    This well organised and up to date provision of local information and services at our disposal is a vital tool to ensure we give the best and most appropriate care to our patients.
    It must be cost effective by ensuring GP’s are aware of what is at their disposal when referring patients particularly when change is happening so fast.

  • The consortium should support it

    It’s a very good resource I think & saves a lot of time in individual practices in maintaining their own. I think the consortium should support it because it will ensure that all practices have easy access to the most up to date guidelines, pathways etc. and will help ensure the Consortium meets its aims.

    One plea: can we have a single practice login?

  • Many Thanks for a wonderful service.

    I would like to endorse my congratulations and support to you on a really useful service which is comprehensive, easy to use and saves paperwork and time.

    Many Thanks for a wonderful service.

  • I really could not be without it now

    I really could not be without it now all forms and information in one place integrated versions are a real help we use it at tactics it has been one of the best services of recent times.

  • Wonderful

    DORIS is wonderful. Was going to speak to you (i.e the practice manager) but no need! Have had no pension contributions paid since May 2007! DORIS pointed me in the right direction

  • Now I have the solution!

    Secondly, thank you so much for sending me the Doris link. I have started navigating around the site and am very impressed. It will be a huge help. I have often puzzled about how to keep and access the huge amount of regularly changing bumph that is sent to us from the NHS. Now I have the solution!

    With warm greetings

Practice Managers

  • The usefulness of DORIS cannot be overstated

    I am more than happy to provide you with honest feedback regarding DORIS.

    Our doctors, nurses, secretaries and receptionists all use DORIS and find it invaluable. When I was doing secretarial work at the Surgery one of the hardest things was organising referral information and keeping all the forms etc up to date.

    We now know that all the information we need is instantly accessible in one place and is as up to date as it can be. It is impossible to keep up with the amount of information that we are bombarded with on a daily basis and I think that DORIS is one of the most useful resources to have been made available to us since I have been working in General Practice.

    Organising the amount of information that is contained within DORIS is extremely time consuming if it has to be done within the Practice and when we are all thinking about how we can work more efficiently and therefore make savings, then the usefulness of DORIS cannot be overstated. It would certainly be more than a step backwards if we were to lose it.

  • Peace of mind

    Over recent months I have found it increasingly hard to keep up with the changes in referral forms etc to various agencies and DORIS has given me peace of mind in the knowledge that the latest version to be used can always be found on DORIS.

    I find the site easy to use and the links are very useful. When I have encountered a problem it has always been addressed quickly and effectively.

    I would have thought that with plans for the consortium to cover such a large area it would be sensible for DORIS to be available to all users in order that we all use the same templates/forms etc.

  • We find the DORIS site invaluable

    In the past couple of days I’ve used DORIS to look up

    • A telephone number for Miss Lloyd, a new ENT consultant at Kent & Sussex who isn’t listed on their website
    • A telephone number for Dr Mankragod, who also isn’t listed on the hospital website
    • Rules for funding of IVF treatment
    • Rules for funding of sex change treatment

    All the information was up-to-date and easy to find. There’s no doubt in my mind that DORIS as a resource not only saves time and increases efficiency in the surgery, but improves our awareness of (and adherence to) the proper care pathways, which saves the NHS money and saves the patients a lot of frustration.

    I find DORIS invaluable for checking that documents held here are the latest version plus having access to protocols means I don’t have to start from scratch with my own. It is a real asset to the practice having accurate data in one place and accessible by all staff. Changes and updates to the site are made promptly giving confidence that the information held is as current as possible. Overall I recommend the site and would be sorry to lose it.

    We find the DORIS site invaluable. It is so helpful having one site to go to where we can find up-to-date, local information covering all aspects of the running of the surgery. We look forward to the on-going developments of the site.

    Kind regards

    (on behalf of the doctors and all the staff)

  • Lost without it

    I, for one, am finding it increasingly useful and, on many occasions, would be lost without it
    (now that I’ve got used to the fact that the less you put in the Search box the better).


  • Thanks from a grateful user

    Well I dont know about anyone else out there but I would say, as a relatively new medical secretary – although not new to the medical scene – that I use DORIS pretty much everyday and would not be able to function without her continued support!!

    Please just keep it simple…..and keep going…

    Thanks from a grateful user

  • Up-to-date telephone numbers

    I do find Doris very helpful in locating information and particularly up-to-date telephone numbers for consultants secretaries, both private and NHS.

    I would be sorry if the service was no longer available.