DORIS stands for Document Organisation, Referral and Information Service. It is a database application
specifically developed to solve the problem of providing information effectively and efficiently to GPs and other health professionals. It is a web-based shared resource that facilitates the development of a local database to serve all practices within a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area. A dedicated, central information portal is much more sustainable, is more comprehensive and can more reliably be kept up-to-date than any practice intranet. The database created within DORIS is also fully searchable which makes locating appropriate referral pathways and services for patients much easier.


DORIS is intended as a resource to be funded by local CCGs because, as a tool, it increases awareness of services among its constituent practices, encourages standardisation and consistency and enables more appropriate and cost-effective referrals by providing instant access to local clinical pathways and referral criteria. This all helps in achieving the overriding objective of CCGs – improving local health services within constrained budgets.


The DORIS website can be accessed from any computer linked to the internet. In most cases DORIS can be also linked to the practice’s clinical system in order to autopopulate forms with patient demographic and clinical data and save them in the clinical notes.

Local Information

For CCGs DORIS is likely to deliver more realisable benefits in managing local information than any superficially attractive corporate website alone can bring. It can also be integrated into a CCG website and our software developers can design and implement this as required.