DORIS is intended principally for use in General Practices, though it is generally acquired by the local CCG Board on behalf of practices within their area. The main users will be:

Doctors, nurses and other practice staff

DORIS is particularly useful in enabling GPs to access up-to-date guidance on local clinical pathways, referral criteria, referral forms, alternative community services, prescribing guidance and key health professionals.

Secretaries, receptionists and other practice administrators can use DORIS to find essential contact information and non-clinical guidance.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

The Commissioning Group level is that at which the economies of scale and the degree of useful local information generally meet. It makes sense for DORIS to be acquired by the CCG and for data to be entered for the whole geographical area covered.

Other health providers

For local authorities, community and mental health trusts and the voluntary sector DORIS represents a useful means of disseminating information they produce such as local guidance and contact details for GPs.

Private sector healthcare organisations

The address book functions of DORIS will be useful to a range of private sector healthcare organisations.